Who we are

Feed for Tomorrow is a partnership which binds nine familial feedcompagnies in the centre of the Flemish Agricultural business, West-Flandres. This initiative has grown, because of a demand for more cooperation and sectoral reinforcing impulses.

Biervliet Veevoeding (Diksmuide) - www.voedersbiervliet.be
Cibus (Ieper - Poperinge - Roeselare) - www.cibusnv.be
Voeders d’Aussy (Torhout) - www.voedersdaussy.be
Voeders Decadt (Oostnieuwkerke) - www.decadt.be
Voeders Degrave (Staden) - www.voedersdegrave.be
Voeders Denys (Lichtervelde) - www.voedersdenys.be
Leie Voeders (Waregem) - www.leievoeders.be
Ostyn Voeders (Roeselare) - www.ostynvoeders.be
Voeders Seurynck (Sint-Eloois Winkel) - www.seurynck.be

Together they produce nearly one million tons of feed, pig feed mainly, but cattlefeed as well. Twenty procent of the Belgian pigproduction uses products of these nine partners. The network of Feed for Tomorrow covers over 1.000 pigfarmers.

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